Proloco di Montalcino

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fotoVia S. Saloni, 21
Phone 0577 846116
Fax 0577 847834
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Seat: 28
Closed: Thusday
Specialities: local cooking


The restaurant Re di Macchia is situated in the historical center of Montalcino, the atmosphere is classic from Tuscany with beans in wood cooked senese, the restaurant is divided in two floors, is approached from first the advanced one where two small rooms are situated, with the square tables and the fireplace; to the downstairs there is one room with round tables for thirty places. 
In the kitchen Roberta, offers to plates from Tuscany classic to you with, hand made fresh paste, plates of game, brasati and roast; the cakes are made in house. In the room Antonio advises the coupling of wines with one immense chosen of national wines with one immense chosen of national wines ( beyond 100 labels of Brunello) and foreing.

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Proloco Montalcino

L'Associazione Pro Loco Montalcino fin dalla sua nascita (1965) ha intrapreso un'intensa opera di promozione turistico-culturale del territorio. Attraverso la gestione dell'Ufficio Turistico, del Centro Convegni, dei Musei di Montalcino. Raccolta Archeologica, Medievale, Moderna, del Teatro degli Astrusi e delle diverse attività che svolge lungo l'arco dell'anno, la Pro Loco Montalcino permette al turista e al montalcinese di scoprire le molteplici risorse di questo centro toscano


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